Hipster (In progress)

It is a team project at SCAD with my awesome friends. The topic was to interpret 'the hipster ' with a tactile visual language.
I am a big fan of all kinds of conspiracy theories just because it's so fun to think about. For this project I was inspired by the Roswell incident. After thinking about the hipster culture, I came up with the idea 'what if the hipster culture is a kind of virus' because it became so dominant quickly like an epidemic and hipsters seem to want to be a different/unique existence. And 'the virus came from an alien's inner parts while FBI (or something) was dissecting the body.' The inner parts were made of patterns, shapes and beautiful colors. This is why hipsters die for it. 

Concept develop: Hyungsoon Joo                                

Design/craft/photograph/compositing: Hyungsooon Joo, Jigyu Yoon, Audrey Yeo, Yeonjin Kim